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Upsize Your Home and Your Business With These Ideas

Growing a business is a great thing, but when it becomes too big for your current home, you may feel overwhelmed. Figuring out the logistics of running a business from your home can be tricky, and when you don’t have enough space to store inventory or to create an office with privacy, both you and your business will suffer. If you’ve been thinking about upsizing your home in order to grow your business the right way, this guide will help you take the necessary steps without all the stress by providing stellar tips and resources. Ready to look at properties? Check out our available listings to get started.

Follow these tips when you’re ready to upsize your home and grow your business with confidence:

Do Some Research

Choosing the right home for both your personal and professional needs can take some time, so it’s important not to skimp on the research. Check out neighborhoods, paying close attention to the number of small businesses there as well as things like how well the schools are rated and how much crime is reported in the area. Make a list of features you can’t live without in a new home, such as space for an office or a side door that will allow you to welcome clients for meetings in privacy. Take a look at the average sale prices for homes in the areas you like so you’ll have a good idea of how much you’ll need for a down payment.

Prepare for the Move

Moving to a bigger home can be a dream come true in many ways, but it can also be an added stressor if you’re not well-prepared for everything that comes with it. Start by prepping the business for a relocation, which might include sending out a mailer to your customers or clients letting them know about the move and the dates your business will be affected. You can also obtain any necessary change-of-address forms from the post office, your bank, and any other company that will need your new business location. It may be helpful to visit the new house, if possible, and draw up a layout that will help you and the movers easily see where certain items will go on moving day.

Build Up Your Confidence by Going Back to School

Now that you have a bigger home and the opportunity to focus on growing your business the way you want, it might be helpful to build up your confidence as an entrepreneur. With a bigger business comes more responsibility, after all, and it can be challenging to shoulder it all, even if you’re meeting your goals. Consider returning to school for a degree in business, accounting, management, or communications, which will allow you to run things efficiently no matter how much you grow. With a business bachelor’s degree program online, you can learn while continuing to work and take care of the move.

Find the Right Home Warranty

With a bigger home, a bigger business, and bigger goals for both your personal and professional needs, it’s a good idea to take steps to protect it all. A breakdown of your electrical, plumbing, or HVAC system will be costly to fix and could affect your business in multiple ways and leave you scrambling to make repairs while dealing with your customers. With a home warranty, you can cover those systems plus your appliances, which aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance because they fall outside of the categories of theft, damage to the structure, and injuries. This renewable contract will give you peace of mind year after year, both for your home and for the sake of your business.


Upsizing your home in order to grow your business comes with a lot to think about, both as a homeowner and an entrepreneur, so give yourself plenty of time to plan. Consider going back to school to build your confidence and look for a home warranty that will offer protection when you need it most.


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This post was initially written by a guest blogger, Ray Flynn.