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Fun and Affordable Ways to Turn Your Empty Nest into a Dream Home

Living Room with Piano for an Empty Nest

Fun and Affordable Ways to Turn Your Empty Nest Into a Dream Home

If you are one of the many empty-nesters in the U.S., then you could have more house space than you know what to do with. Instead of leaving the extra space the way it is, how about taking on a few fun, budget-friendly projects that can give you a home that’s more suitable for your current needs? Read on for some great ideas from the Kari Haas Real Estate Team that will make your empty nest feel a little more full!

Start With Simple Projects

The best way to stay on budget with a home renovation is to settle on a few simple projects first. For example, now that you have an empty nest, you can make some tweaks to your child’s bedroom to convert it into a guest bedroom. According to Good Housekeeping, you can create a great space for your guests with the right decor. You can choose a theme for your room, like sleek elegance or cozy boho, and you’ll find giving the room a fresh coat of paint works wonders.

Create a Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Since adding a master bathroom or renovating the one you’ve got can be a costly venture, Philadelphia Magazine suggests taking some creative measures when you’re on a budget. You could increase your storage by adding a few baskets or additional shelving. Overstock has lots of great options no matter how much you’re looking to spend, and you’ll save even more by using an Overstock discount code or cash back incentive.

It can also help to use better lighting in the bathroom and upgrade your regular shower head to something more luxurious. If your new spa-like bathroom needs more than your creativity can fix, you can still save some money by getting deals on your fixtures. You can get great discounts when you shop around online—don’t forget to get the benefits of price matching whenever possible.

Master Bathroom for Empty Nest

Get the Reading Room You Deserve

If you’ve always wanted a personalized room for your reading, you can convert your kid’s room for that as well, now that you have an empty nest. Depending on your personal style, you can make a few simple changes by adding ample shelving. Changing the color scheme to something more soothing or closer to your taste will also give the room a nice personal touch. Remember you’re on a budget, though, so find affordable ways to get a reading room you’ll love to be in. When you’re looking for that comfy reading chair and other pieces of furniture, Money Crashers suggests looking online at sites like Ikea, Pottery Barn, and eBay in order to find the lowest price on items of interest. You can also get deals from thrift stores or garage sales.

Reading Room for Empty Nest

Give Your Hobby Some Room

An extra room is a good space to house your hobby supplies in one place. Prior to having the option, your supplies may have been stored all over the home or in a closet. Now’s the time to create a room that you can call your own and decorate as you wish. Some of the hobbies that benefit from having their own area are painting, sewing, drawing and crafts. When you’re designing the area, make sure to plan for adequate lighting and ventilation. With the right resources, you can save not only on your design elements but also hobby-related supplies.

While it’s not easy to move on from the fact that you have the house for yourself, it can be good for you to focus on a few choice renovation projects. These projects can not only offer enjoyment, they can remain affordable as long as you plan out pertinent details and take advantage of discounts when you can.

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Home Office / Craft Room for Empty Nest


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